Product development

Our product development is concentrated on 2 main areas:

Product improvement to meet short term demands

In our laboratory we respond to specific customer needs to ensure that the supplied products are suitably modified when necessary to cope with our customer need changes. This might include their process plant modifications, changes in their customer specifications or the need to process different substrates.

Associated work also covers the evaluation of new raw materials to reduce or maintain costs when raw material prices are increasing and the end customers desire to keep costs down. It also covers research to ensure the product range meets existing and future environmental and health and safety legislation.

Longer term/innovative product development

Continuous development both short and long term is essential to the long-term future of Pretreat and associated companies. Research is spread throughout the companies each with their own area of expertise.

Product development work covers:

  • Alkali and acid cleaners/descalers
  • Conversion coating technology
  • Conditioning rinses
  • Passivation rinses
  • Rinse aids
  • Environmentally friendly products and processes
  • Paint and Powder Coating removal systems
  • Dry-in-Place technology
  • Nano technology

Pretreat and its associates are always conscious of the needs of the customer, market forces and the environment. Development is carried out with all these factors in mind to ensure that our customers have the most appropriate products available.