PreTreat has a wide range of chemicals available for most needs in the Metal Finishing Industry. They are chosen as the best currently available technology sourced from our own knowledge and experience and also from our technical partners.

Some of the product areas include cleaners, derusters/descalers, chemical conversion coatings, paint strippers, passivates, corrosion inhibitors and products for the Anodising Industry.

Substrates covered include steel, aluminium, zinc coated steel and zinc die castings.

We cover most market segments to include OEM`s and their subcontractors, metal fabricators, trade coaters, anodisers, wheel and general trade strippers.

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Customers are now looking to control their processes and the effluent from their processes more exactly to reduce costs, reduce effluent and improve quality.

PreTreat are able to supply, fit and set up chemical controllers for process tanks and rinses and continue to support the customer through any problems.

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